Parents Club Minutes 1/16/19

Crespi Parent Club Meeting
Wednesday, 1/16/2019

Nicole Flack, President
Guthrie Fleischman, Principal
Lydia Steinauer, Parent

Meeting called to order at 6:17pm
Agenda Review, discussion of Crespi’s future & 8th grade promotion added.

Review of December 2018 minutes, no acceptance due to no quorum.

Treasurer’s Report – Business Account, 12/22/2018 Nicole & Kamal  met with Previous CPC president at Mechanics Bank and successfully transitioned account signatories. Balance at that time was $619. CPC insurance then paid up thru 1/2020 costing $399.99. Reimbursement from 1/2019 teachers appreciation still need to be processed. $55 from LHMC cd sale needs to be deposited.  $68.14 spent w/ PC card for 1/16/2019 PC meeting.

Fundraiser schedule – Popcorn sale postponed, still waiting for approval from District Executive Director plus bad weather.. review forecast when rescheduling fundraisers.  NF asked from Exec. Director for fundraising approval dates January, February, March, April 2019. Hopefully approval will be granted in time for popcorn sale 1/25/19. Nicole signing CPC up for Amazon Smile, just finishing up last steps. Mechanics Banks, El Sobrante Branch Manager Mike Frith offered CPC space in front of bank to fundraise. One week prior to event notification.

New Business (6:30pm)
Bullying on campus, stolen coats. Bullying issues are being addressed in Advocacy, bringing empathy. Most bullying ended up truly being two-sided conflicts. Stolen coats was returned. Both parents notified and came together to resolve issue. Queer Student Alliance has 25 students.  Trans students experience bullying in PE. Students can change in restroom they identify with, even using staff restroom so they feel more comfortable. Mr. Fleischman following up with counselor. Parents notified of bullying.
Parents need to be more racially sensitive with their verbiage, passing that negative behavior on to the children and verbiage is repeated at school.

Crespi Future- talks of Crespi closing/merging with Pinole Middle have been taking place. Superintendent Duffy’s stated in a letter sent out to many staff and volunteers that if closure took place a transition would not begin until 2020-2021 school year.  District board meeting on 1/23/2019, this topic will be further discussed.

Announcements – Next PC meeting 2/27/19 @5pm instead of 6pm
AAPAC meeting 1/23/2019 @6pm Both meetings in Crespi Library
AAHMC 2/12/2019 @ 5:30pm in Crespi Gym * Ms. Williams, Crespi’s Graduate Tutor is directing  performance and is asking for donations for male student performers. Blazers and Old timey hats. Parents to bring  soul food dishes for potluck. Sign up sheet will be available in office and on Remind.

8th grade promotion – review past celebration info donations, donation letter. Ms. Sophia might have some past decorations to reuse. Cupcakes, photo booth back drop, waters, plates, napkins needed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm


Parents Club Meeting Agenda 4/17/2019

Crespi Parents Club Meeting Agenda

April 17, 2019, 5:00PM


  1. Call To Order/introductions
  2. Agenda review
  3. Review & Acceptance of March 2019 minutes
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. PC 2019/2020
    1. Member transition
    2. Parcel Tax Committee
  6. Community Events
    1. Teachers Appreciation Week
    2. 8th grade promotion​
  7. Fundraising
  1. Direct Ask request form update
  2. Popcorn sale
  1. New Business
  2. Announcements​, Next PC 5/15/2019, AAPAC 5/15/2019, Multicultural potluck 5/16/19
  3. Questions
  4. Adjournment

Parents Club Minutes 2/27/19

Crespi PC meeting

Nicole Flack, President
Guthrie Fleischman, Principal
Lupe Loza, Parent
Rachel Arrington, Parent
Kamal Randhawa, Treasurer
Antoine Arrington, Parent
Brenda Carazo, Parent
Lydia Steinauer, Parent
Cinda Blanchard, Parent
Monica Saeteurn, Parent

Meeting called to order at 5:17pm.
Agenda Review: fundraising ideas & Duffy meeting w/ Crespi staff update added to agenda.

Review & Acceptance of 12/2018 & 1/2019 minutes: Motion to approve:NF. Second GF.  

Treasurer’s Report: KR & NF held Parking Lot Popcorn sale in front of Mechanics Bank in El Sobrante 2/20/2019 thru 2/22/2019.
$233.10 Fundraiser result (profit)
$241.09 in PC business account
$126.10 in petty cash
$367.19 total
-$10.02 for 2/27/19 PC supper (no more costly PC supper in future)

5:27 Fundraising schedule:  “Crespi Giving Tree” recommended..Parents Club would directly ask parents, guardians and local businesses for monetary donations. Goal would be $2000, we would ask for any dollar amount between $5-$100. Each PC member would contact two or more people or businesses.  
Donations would be supporting:
*Wish upon a Star program. Crespi teachers would apply for mini grants from PC enabling teachers to purchase project supplies NOT provided by district.
*Teacher’s Appreciation Week
*8th grade promotion food and decor

Donations letter to be created. Rachel has rough draft ready to share, Nicole has PC letterhead to share. Lydia, Kamal, Brenda, Rachel to collectively work on letter. Final to be placed in teachers boxes to hand to students. Nicole to submit fundraiser request form for Direct Ask because this asking for money directly still counts as a fundraiser.  Parents/local business to receive “thank you” letter/postcard with photo of Crespi students after donation has been processed. Thank you will include PC Tax ID number.
5:43 Mr. Fleischman to add PC donation letter to Sunday call. Letter to be finalized by 3/11/2019.
Scheduled work party 3/13/2019@3:15pm 452 copies of letter/envelopes needed. Rachel and Antoine to donate paper. Kamal and Nicole to purchase envelopes (Staples or Dollar tree). Everyone bringing their own staplers. Also to discuss thank you letter at work party.

6:05pm New Business:  PC meeting schedule change. Vote to change PC mtg start time to 5pm  so that AAPAC can reschedule to 6pm on 3rd Wednesday of the month (same dates as PC). This act to make district board meetings (fourth Wednesday of the month, previous AAPAC mtg date)  more accessible to AAPAc parents. PC voted unanimously in favor. Superintendent Duffy spoke with Crespi staff 2/27/19 from 2-3pm. He stated closing Crespi would be dependent on enrollment numbers plummeting to 350 and below. To keep enrollment up, we need to reach out to elementary school parents, talk to them about Crespi, perhaps create a flyer with Crespi’s available programs, invite these parents of future Crespi students to Crespi events. Mr. Fleischman to attend elementary PTA meetings.
Invictus is teaching 7-8 grade levels. They will continue to expand eventually becoming a 7-12th grade charter. Lisa LeBlanc (assistant Superintendent) offered space to Invictus but NOT the main building.
Superintendent Duffy will be speaking with Crespi parents on 3/5/2019 from 5-6pm inside Crespi’s Library.  
Open House is 3/21/2019, flyer to be created
Nicole to reach out to Olinda PTA for next MTG date.

Announcements: Next PC mtg 3/20/3019 @ 5pm
Next AAPAC mtg 3/20/2019 6pm

6:15pm Meeting adjourned

Blog is back up and running!

What a year, can’t believe we’re in the home stretch!? Parents Club will be keeping this space maintained and updated from now  on. Thank you all for your patience. WordPress will be home for PC minutes and event announcements. The Remind App will also still be used for updates.




last minute update


Hi Crespi parents,

In case you missed Sunday’s message, Principal Fleischman has rescheduled TONIGHT’S Parents’ Club meeting to start at 5:00 PM.

The original start time was 6:00 PM.

The meeting is in the school library and food will be provided for everyone.

It is the last meeting of the year.


Thank you so much,
Xandy, Tina & Kim
2017-2018 Parents’ Club Officers


Hola padres Crespi,

En caso de que se haya perdido el mensaje del domingo, el Director Fleischman ha reprogramado la reunión del Club de Padres de TONIGHT para comenzar a las 5:00 PM.

La hora de inicio original fue a las 6:00 p.m.

La reunión está en la biblioteca de la escuela y se proporcionarán alimentos para todos.

Es la última reunión del año.


Muchas gracias,
Xandy, Tina y Kim
Oficiales del Club de Padres 2017-2018

FINAL Parents’ Club Meeting – Next Week!

final parents meeting

Hello Crespi Families,

Just a reminder, there is NO parents’ club meeting this week.

We WILL meet next week for our …

Final Parents’ Club Meeting – Wednesday, 5/30 at 6 p.m. – Crespi Library

Please join us for our last meeting of the year, which will be held on Wednesday, May 30th at 6 p.m. in the Crespi Library.

Principal Fleischman will be present to discuss:

– our upcoming promotion ceremony
– next year’s parents’ club,
– what to expect next year, sharing the campus with a charter school


Food and beverages provided, and kids of all ages are welcome!


Xandy, Tina & Kim
2017-2018 Parents’ Club Officers


Hola familias Crespi,

Solo un recordatorio, NO hay una reunión del club de padres esta semana.

Nos reuniremos la próxima semana para nuestro …

Reunión final del club de padres: miércoles, 5/30 a las 6 p.m. – Biblioteca Crespi

Únase a nosotros en nuestra última reunión del año, que se celebrará el miércoles 30 de mayo a las 6 p.m. en la Biblioteca Crespi.

El Director Fleischman estará presente para discutir:

– nuestra próxima ceremonia de promoción
– club de padres del próximo año,
– qué esperar el próximo año, compartir el campus con una escuela autónoma


Alimentos y bebidas, y niños de todas las edades son bienvenidos!


Xandy, Tina y Kim
Oficiales del Club de Padres 2017-2018


Hello Crepi Families,

We have an IMPORTANT last-minute meeting change!

We are asking everyone interested in coming to our meeting at the school tonight to instead go to the WWCUSD School Board Meeting at DeJean Middle School in Richmond at 6:30pm!

It is an 11-minute drive from Crespi:

The reason for this change is because we just found out that the school board will be discussing the charter school on Crespi campus next year, very important!!

Principal Fleischman will meet us at DeJean tonight to explain more.


DeJean Middle School
3400 Macdonald Avenue, near 35th Street, in Richmond



Hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Xandy, Tina & Kim
2017-2018 Parents’ Club Officers


Hola familias Crepi,

¡Tenemos un cambio IMPORTANTE en la reunión de último minuto!

Estamos pidiendo a todos los interesados en venir a nuestra reunión en la escuela esta noche a ir a la reunión de la Junta Escolar de WWCUSD en DeJean Middle School en Richmond a las 6:30 p.m.

Se trata de una unidad de 11 minutos de Crespi:

La razón de este cambio es porque descubrimos que la junta escolar discutirá la escuela autónoma en el campus de Crespi el próximo año, ¡muy importante!

El director Fleischman se reunirá con nosotros en DeJean esta noche para explicar más.


DeJean Middle School
3400 Macdonald Avenue, cerca de la calle 35, en Richmond


6:30 pm

¡Espero ver a tantos de ustedes allí como sea posible!

Xandy, Tina y Kim
Oficiales del Club de Padres 2017-2018